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The BANTAM Soldier worn power management system distributes power from a central source. Meeting the needs of the modern soldier, BANTAM reduces the bulk and weight carried, and gives confidence in power and equipment.



inline charging for soldiers


BANTAM Power Scavenger lets the modern combat soldier simultaneously recharge a central battery and power connected devices. Its striking patented design makes it the most innovative and slim-line power management product on the market. Designed for every soldier in the field, it’s a simple design that delivers big on capability with a tiny footprint.


Continuous Power

The BANTAM Power Scavenger eliminates the need to disconnect equipment when recharging, as it simultaneously powers and charges the main battery. This doesn’t just make it easy to recharge, it also keeps soldiers at peak operational readiness.  Operating continuously at 55°C (131°F), the power scavenger has a negligible heat signature, making it safe and comfortable for soldiers.

Scavenge power without ever disconnecting your battery or device

designed for the user

BANTAM Power Scavenger’s unique, patented ‘Z’ shape design arranges 3 ports around the hub in a way that cleverly cradles bulky cable connectors and gets rid of those uncomfortable protrusions.  Even when fully connected, the design ensures that the scavenger keeps an incredibly slim profile.  BANTAM Power Scavenger delivers reduced bulk and neatest integration possible.



Combat Power Manager

BANTAM Power Scavenger has been designed specifically for the combat soldier that needs a power management capability but doesn't want the burden of a complex and bulky multi-port power manager and USB hub. It enables the use of a central battery to power your Combat Net Radio, GPS receiver, and an android end user device with lots of power to spare.


BANTAM Power Scavenger Against an iPhone 6
Scavenge power from a variety of sources

Any power source

The flexibility of the BANTAM Power Scavenger means that soldiers can connect any power source to the hub to recharge their battery. The Maximum Power Point Tracker lets you get power from sources such as solar mat, vehicle, primary or rechargeable batteries, mains power and virtually any power source available on the battlefield.


soldier compatible design

BANTAM Power Scavenger was developed to comply with U.S. Nett Warrior soldier system architecture and is compatible with the in-service ISPDS Hub and in-service cables, making it easy to use as well as saving cost and weight.

BANTAM Power Scavenger Against an iPhone 6
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